DIY Reception Decorations

Our reception venue!

My DIY themed wedding will consist mainly of four types of decorations: adorable fabric bunting, various sizes of paper rosettes, paper lanterns and tissue paper poofs. I find it exceptionally ironic that Damen is VASTLY better at making paper rosettes than I am. In fact, he kicks my butt at paper rosettes.

Last weekend we decided to head out to the venue to take some measurements and photos to help with the planning process. I highly recommend doing this. We were even able to get access to the venue’s 60″ round tables and chairs and set a couple up to see how much space a table and chairs take up in real life. We also brought our tape measure and marked with chairs where the dance floor will go. I took photos of everything. It was all very helpful!

We also took photos of the hall’s wood beam ceiling so I can start planning where our round paper lanterns will go. Speaking of paper lanterns, are you aware of LunaBazaar’s awesome prices? Their economy line ranges from $0.80 for a 6″ lantern to 16″ for $1.70. Amazing for budget weddings like mine! Huge array of colors too. Find them here:

Let’s also talk about Google Sketch. Sketch (by Trimble) is a free program that allows you to make and design three-dimensional scale models on your computer. I even spoke with a very successful interior designer who recommended it for visualizing interior spaces. You can use your venue’s specific measurements to make a scale model of your venue! There is even a database where other users upload to-scale furniture and accessories that you can add to your own interior. You can also do things like design your own tablecloths with custom colors and fabrics. Damen taught himself how to use Sketch and did a 3-D model of our reception hall. He’s SO awesome you guys. Here’s what it looks like:

If you have never used it before, don’t be intimidated. I’m told it’s fairly easy for beginners. I printed out Damen’s designs and am going to use tracing paper and colored pencil overlays to play around with decoration placements and options. Invaluable tool when trying to figure out where to put what at your reception venue!

What tools have you found helpful in your decoration planning process? I’m doing my own flowers and am currently stumped by how many I will need for the ceremony and reception. Any tips for me?

Thanks for reading! Happy planning!