A Post Head Hike

English: The Hollywood sign seen from the farm...

English: The Hollywood sign seen from the farmers market in los angeles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being an original country girl (Washington State to be exact.) living in a big city, I have an intense need for nature hikes. The air quality, concrete and traffic can really get me down sometimes. Hikes recharge me on a deep level that I find very satisfying.

Back in January, just a week after hiking Bronson Canyon, I heard some very disturbing news. Did you hear about the head/body parts found by the Hollywood Sign? Read more here if you dare: http://articles.latimes.com/2012/jan/18/local/la-me-0118-head-found-20120118┬áThat just happened to be one of my most frequent and favorite hikes in Southern California…until that happened. It’s just so terrible. What a way to go.

When my Mom heard the news, she immediately called me to make sure I wasn’t hiking that trail any more for fear of the killer leaping out from the bushes and attacking me. I did stop hiking the trail, but it was more because I didn’t need my serene hiking thoughts interrupted with “I wonder where they found the head?”

Knowing we are moving to Austin, Texas in October (That’s a difference of 1,383 miles in case you were wondering.), I’ve decided to soak up as much LA awesomeness as I can possibly cram in between now and our moving date. I couldn’t let a head (…and hands…and feet.) defeat me. I had to attempt it at least one more time to prove to myself I could do it. Damen joined me. That helped. It was quite lovely, and we only encountered one massive film crew (Crime scene show…weird.) at the trail head.

There are few things that make me reflect as lovingly on LA as looking down on it from high. Mid-hike I came upon this and had that moment once again.

I know I complain about you a lot, but LA, I’m really gonna miss you.