Wardrobe 911

I’m a grown woman yet I seem to have extreme difficulties dressing myself. Very little of the clothing I own seems to work, let alone work together to make a cohesive and refined statement. Why do I seem to lack this ability when many do it so well? How the heck do women pull off casual yet sophisticated? Classic not drab? How can I express a splash of awesome in my own wardrobe? I want to be the kind of woman who┬áinspires compliments from other women as I’m walking down the street. It’s time to get serious about figuring this thing out. I’m done being clueless about clothes.

In my search for answers I came upon a wonderfully helpful site which aims to help fashion challenged folks such as myself build out the essential wardrobe basics. It’s a tremendous resource and you should check it out if you identify with my wardrobe ineptitude!

Be sure to scroll down to the Wardrobe Essential Checklist.