Curly Brace Confusion in JavaScript

Okay Guys,

I am STUCK on the Functions & if/else in Codecademy. I have tried everything I can think of and I am really having difficulty with this problem. I stumbled upon this post by Dave Ward: No doubt the article is intended for seasoned programmers, but I found it helpful nonetheless. I realize that the placement of curly braces can make or break your code. I am going to need to have a better understanding of this before moving forward. Anyone out there have any pointers or advice? Codecademy said it expected an identifier and instead saw “else.” It might look a little gross, but here’s my code. 

var creditCheck = function (income)
if (income >= 100);
return (“You earn a lot of money! You qualify for a credit card.”) };

return (“Alas you do not qualify for a credit card. Capitalism is cruel like that.”);

(prompt (“How much money do you make?”));


Thanks everyone! Hope your JS is going well! I would love to hear some more stories of your progress to keep me going!

Newbie JavaScript Lessons

Hello all!

I began JavaScript on Codecademy for the first time this week. So far, it seems as though we jumped right into the finer points of this lightweight programming language without having a broader, big picture understanding of JS first. I’ve been googling to get a better grasp and perspective. I came across a couple of resources I found to be helpful:

1. w3schools provides great beginner definitions and explanations in a written tutorial format. They also offer a handy results tab where you can play around with the code you just learned without having to install a text editor of your own.

2. thenewboston YouTube channel. Sure he’s a bit of a brogrammer, but it makes the tutorials more entertaining. Plus, his instructions and explanations are easy to understand and he’s helping me learn JavaScript, so who cares, right? 

I’m also seriously considering enrolling in Treehouse. Their fees are quite low and I’m hoping to give them a try for a month and see how it goes. Anyone out there using Treehouse to level up their skills?

Oh, I also got stung by a yellow jacket today. Good times.