Learning to Code

My husband finally convinced me a few weeks ago that I might just make a great programmer. He pointed out that I’m EXTREMELY detail oriented, I like putting things in their proper place, and I have a lot of patience with tedious, nitty-gritty stuff. Plus, I’m an artist and love making everything look pretty.

I took his advice and started my journey with HTML and CSS. After watching some YouTube tutorials, I signed up for the free lessons on http://www.codecademy.com. It seemed like the perfect place for a total beginner like me to get an introduction to a variety of popular programming languages. 

Shockingly, it’s going great so far. I’m finished with the HTML section and am about half way through CSS. I got my 100 lesson badge today and had to share my joy. Not bad for a girly pretty princess like me. I’m taking exhaustive notes and am looking forward to seeing what else I can make. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I know I have just stumbled upon a universe of information and have a TON to learn and google. But, as of this moment, I’m enjoying my brain and am feeling very encouraged. 🙂

About Nicole C.

Hi, I'm Nicole, and this is my story... After spending my entire adult life living in Los Angeles, I got a little antsy and did an 8 month stint in Austin Texas. I had some fun and earned some hard-won life lessons, but now I am back and I'm finally ready to call LA home. I just got married to a fun, sweet nerdy man last September, and we are going to start a family in the next little while. I'm a quirky artist who dreams of backyard dinner parties, crafting, cocktails and unicorns. I've also spent the last 15 years working in business administration, but it's time for a change. I am in the process of reinventing myself as a code princess, and launching myself into the much more promising and lucrative world of web development. I will settle for nothing less than the brightest of futures for me and my family, and I'm going to get there using my brains, determination, and Sass! Time to put on my big girl pants. Thanks for checking out my blog!

5 responses to “Learning to Code

  1. Having signed up for the Code Year track about 18 months a go I finally got round to giving it a try rather than just ignoring the emails mounting up in my inbox and I think it’s one of the best decisions I could have made.

    Have you moved onto other sections yet? I just been getting into the ‘easiest for beginners’ JavaScript track and it’s been giving me nightmares. I hope it’s not just me.

    • Hey Dale! I don’t know about Code Year, but good for you! I’ll have to look into it. I have checked out a few of the emails from Codecademy and have found some to be helpful. What have the emails helped you accomplish/learn?

      Yes, I just started JavaScript earlier this week. I’m going to post on that experience soon. But I will say: NO, you are not alone with having a harder time of it!

      Best of luck! Keep me posted on your progress if you feel like it.

      • Now that I know that I’m not alone with the JS nightmare I do feel slightly better 🙂

        I’m gunna have to follow how you progress, see if you hit the same obstacles that I do – here’s hoping we don’t have any.

  2. I hope you enjoy codecademy, Nicole. I’ve been studying there for the past year off and on. I think it’s a great beginner’s resource. Be sure to take advantage of the Q&A forums, they can be remarkably helpful.

    • Hi Jack! Thank you so much for your comment. What led you to learn code? Have you found that Codecademy has helped you to achieve any goals? Are there any other resources you would recommend for a newbie like me? I’m loving Codecademy and have found the Q&A very helpful when I hit a snag or the lesson itself is buggy. I’m very excited about the Web Development Tutorials group I just joined. It is going to teach how to take what we’ve learned and create our own website. I love that we can test our own code in Codecademy, but I do find myself feeling like I’m coding in a bubble sometimes. I look forward to taking off my training wheels and wonder what challenges I’ll face going forward.

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