The Evolution of My Hair

My hair has evolved quite a lot over the years. In my early twenties it was long, red and curly. Once I hit 30, all bets were off. My dear friend Derek liberated me by cutting off most of my locks and giving me a really cute bob. I loved it. Then he added blonde streaks. Loved it.

My hair at its shortest.

Then I went all blonde. Loved it less. Hair got fried. Loved it a LOT less. Hair became frizzy, dry and brittle. I tried to convince myself my hair would be ok. It wasn’t.

Me as a blonde fairy. (More on that later.)

I stopped bleaching. To help return my hair return to a more hair like texture, I decided take my hair to a light brown myself. Still didn’t make it healthier. With my wedding coming up in September, I want my hair looking and feeling healthy and awesome. It also wouldn’t hurt if it was a bit longer. So I’m growing it out also so I can pull off a cute up-do for the big day.

Light brown. Easier. Cheaper.

I’m getting desperate. My hair is beyond thick. It takes me around 45 minutes just to dry all of it (and I still have short hair mind you) with the hair dryer. One of my hairstylists even refers to my hair as “girthy”! And it’s just so damaged it won’t receive moisture. Not even Kerastase helps!

I’ve been trying all kinds of products. My hair is very coarse and naturally curly. Each time I try a new product I think “Please let this be the product that saves my hair.” And each time, it doesn’t. I know you coarse haired beauties have been there. I’m really starting to panic.

My awesome girlfriend knows of my hair woes and gifted me with the complete Wen system at my bridal party meet n’ greet. Awesome gift! I have been hearing amazing things about it. I’m going to try it out for the first time today. I’ll keep you posted on the results (if any). Wish me luck!

About Nicole C.

Hi, I'm Nicole, and this is my story... After spending my entire adult life living in Los Angeles, I got a little antsy and did an 8 month stint in Austin Texas. I had some fun and earned some hard-won life lessons, but now I am back and I'm finally ready to call LA home. I just got married to a fun, sweet nerdy man last September, and we are going to start a family in the next little while. I'm a quirky artist who dreams of backyard dinner parties, crafting, cocktails and unicorns. I've also spent the last 15 years working in business administration, but it's time for a change. I am in the process of reinventing myself as a code princess, and launching myself into the much more promising and lucrative world of web development. I will settle for nothing less than the brightest of futures for me and my family, and I'm going to get there using my brains, determination, and Sass! Time to put on my big girl pants. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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