Wardrobe 911

I’m a grown woman yet I seem to have extreme difficulties dressing myself. Very little of the clothing I own seems to work, let alone work together to make a cohesive and refined statement. Why do I seem to lack this ability when many do it so well? How the heck do women pull off casual yet sophisticated? Classic not drab? How can I express a splash of awesome in my own wardrobe? I want to be the kind of woman who inspires compliments from other women as I’m walking down the street. It’s time to get serious about figuring this thing out. I’m done being clueless about clothes.

In my search for answers I came upon a wonderfully helpful site which aims to help fashion challenged folks such as myself build out the essential wardrobe basics. It’s a tremendous resource and you should check it out if you identify with my wardrobe ineptitude!

Be sure to scroll down to the Wardrobe Essential Checklist.


Budget Weddings Are Hard

Did I mention I’m getting married soon? September 16th to the sweetest, most adorable nerd in the world. We are planning a DIY vintage picnic themed wedding…on a budget. You are probably imagining all the awesome fun we’re having planning it huh? Well, let me tell you friend, it has not been the picture of joy and delight I hoped it would be.

I’ll just share with you a small snippet of my struggles so far. I have had dress shop employees snicker when told how much I had to spend on “the dress.” I’ve had wedding planners tell me our entire budget was waaaay less than any of her other budget couples and that most couples are simply gifted with a planner from their family mid planning. Really?! My fiance and I had to laugh, when at a potential venue, we weren’t able to hear what the other was saying due to the low flying ghetto birds.

I’m just going to say it right now: trying to have an affordable wedding in Los Angeles sucks. Country folk seem to have it made! I’m so jealous of your gorgeous barns, luminous grassy fields and totally wholesome backyards. I hope you understand how very, very lucky you are.

Then again, I’m pretty lucky too because I found the man for me! And, we are still going to pull off a beautiful celebration with close family and friends. Plus, we finally found a natural tree filled venue that we love: Temescal Canyon Gateway Park.


One of my Maidens of Awesome (I’m forgoing “bridesmaids” because my ladies are just that special.) took me hiking a couple months ago. It was such a great day. We even climbed a tree! I was overcome by the unbelievable beauty of Temescal Gateway Park. I saw that it had event facilities and tried not to get my hopes up. My prayers were answered when I heard back from the event coordinator: we could afford it! Hallelujah! I was so happy and so relieved.

For any brides out there with a total wedding budget under $10k, check out the awesome parks that Southern California has to offer. Some are perfect for outdoor weddings. They don’t have to be a million miles away from civilization either. Another contender for our wedding that was VERY affordable was Malibu Creek State Park. We couldn’t book with them because another couple had booked for the same day. However, it is absolutely gorgeous! We camped in another area of the park earlier in the season and had a fantastic time. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

I know it’s easy to get discouraged and frustrated when every place you think, hope and pray will be affordable isn’t. Don’t give up though. Don’t forget to ask for the scouting talents of your family and bridesmaids. Sooner or later you will find a great setting that works for you.

Movie of the Year (so far)


Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom yet? Go! I think it is Wes Anderson’s masterpiece. What a sense of humor, wonder and reverence this director has. This was one of those special movies that gives weight and respect to a child’s emotional landscape. Love it. This film is completely hilarious, surprisingly violent, tender, emotionally honest, and thoughtful. I was surprised to find myself nostalgic for the sixties childhood I never had. I totally adore this movie. See it this weekend.


My name is Nicole Chabot and this is my new blog. I’ve been wanting to embark a blogging adventure for a quite some time now and am finally ready to get started. This blog will be one part girly online diary, two parts rants, raves, and occasional reviews followed by a Splash of Awesome.